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Men and Matrimony

We would like to take a moment to photographically feature the men and their roles of our early September weddings – ring bearer, fathers, sons, grandsons, grandfathers, uncles, nephews, groomsmen, brothers, friends and of course the groom.    This posting session is by any means inclusive but shows that men love and appreciate the sanctity of marriage as much as the beautiful brides of our lives.  Enjoy….

Men are fierce defenders of love ones…..

Defenders of love ones

…… to tender kissers of the little ones ..

Kisses for my niece

…sons like to scare their mothers….

sons like to frighten their mothers

…to loving, holding and caring for their mothers all their lives….

Men will walk that last mile with you …….

men will walk that last mile with you

….they will salute and celebrate your wedding before the ceremony..

…men will love and protect you forever…

A big John is  there to drive you safely to your destination…….

Big John to drive you safely to your destination...

Anthony is the reason for me being a wedding photographer today …  it all started as justification to purchase a Nikon camera to take good  baby pictures of him … and now he is capturing the essence with great wedding photos.

Anthony Day of

Enjoy our September images of men and matrimony – Men and Matrimony

Castle McCulloch Wedding Session

I had a photo session with Rachel and Michael at Castle McCulloch  that included many great images ending up with fun images like this one with their Mickie  and Minnie hats

Fun Wedding Photos

Rachael and Michael

Sailor Bride

We liked the Sailor Bride image so much it has been added to our contact page at for Greensboro Wedding Photographers.

This is what is occurring in the background.

Castle McCulloch Wedding Photography

Jamestown Wedding Photography

All of us had a lot of fun as well as getting great images.

Ron Day

Easter 2008

The weather in Southern Virginia was almost as cold in Easter 2008 as last year. The wind was gusting to about 30 mph with a beautiful sky.

We try to capture the essence of a wedding which I think the first image shows clearly as the groom is recalling the wedding service with his beautiful bride as they are walking to a location outside of Hotel Roanoke to take wedding photos.

The Essence by

As you see the wind was quite brisk by the brides hair.

Wind in the bride's hair

Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photography

In this brief 15 minute session just before the reception over 200 images of the couple were taken concluding with a warm up by the fire.

Hotel Roanoke

The couple is now in Japan and can select the images to be printed in the comfort of their home with our proprietary online selection software. As a long time wedding photographer…… how cool. Technology we could only dream about just 10 years ago.

Oh yes……  not bad for a camera phone and a heavily cropped Nikon D300 image file?

Wedding Image by a camera phone

Easter Weather

Easter Weather is always hard to predict. We photographed a wedding in Duke Gardens Easter weekend of April 2007 with the wind chill in the thirties.

The groom’s body language says it all along with the minister’s coat. It was chilly.

Easter Weather


The bride was standing in the sun with somewhat of a wind break but nevertheless.

Easter Bride


Amazingly enough the weather seemed to get warmer during the ceremony.

Easter Wedding

Heather and Jon tossed a coin in the fountain for good luck.

Coin in the fountain

The wedding turned out great despite the chilly temperatures for a delightful couple.


Easter Kiss


We will post later images from the 2 weddings booked this Easter weekend.

Happy Easter!



Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the photography blog.

Our plan is to share with you our thoughts, observations and opinions on photography focusing primarily on wedding photography. We will also be interested in your opinions as well.

My name is Ron Day and I have photographed weddings for over 30 years and have seen many changes in both the technical and social aspects of wedding photography.

My first weddings were captured by manual metered and manual focused cameras and if a wedding including the reception lasted over 3 hours it was considered a long wedding.

It would also be unthinkable to expose more than 72 exposures of film thirty years ago. Today it is equally unthinkable to expose less than 72 images per hour.

Photography today has actually become more complex in the work flow than the film days but we like the changes and the ability to output images we could not render just a few years ago.

Please visit us often as we attempt to discuss new ideas, issues, etc as they relate to photography and as noted above we would appreciate your thoughts and comments as well.

Ron Day