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Erin and the Big Bad Wolf….

The above should read Bridal Portraits 101 and why it is important to hire profession wedding photographers as well as attending high end professional wedding shows like the Carolina Wedding Shows that are held in the Triad region of North Caroline in Greensboro and Winston Salem each year.

A case in point is Erin, a bride from the Lexington area of North Caroline that we met at the Winston Salem Carolina Wedding Show in August 2010.

Erin won a bridal portrait session by identifying the location of a portrait taken earlier in 2010 of another beautiful bride in which we thought the bride rendered like a Greek Goddess in one of the images that was taken at a very well known North Carolina University.  The image serves as the back of Allison’s wedding photo book or what many call a Coffee Table Book.

Raleigh Bridal Portrait

Erin was the first to identify the location of this portrait taken earlier of Allison who attended NCSU with the portrait taken at the Memorial Bell Tower.

As many wedding photographers will tell you the lighting and rendering of the background are usually the most difficult parts of a bridal portrait regardless of the venue along with showing the details in the wedding dress. In this case we had to put down a sheet to protect the dress from the wet grass and placed Erin in the shade with the time being 10 am.

The background details in this crop

A few hours in multiple imaging editing programs and Voila! Beautiful wedding portrait that Erin and her family will treasure  forever photographed at a beloved North Carolina landmark.

We have also taken bridal portraits and/or wedding photos at Wait Chapel, the Old Well and Duke Chapel.

A BW  image file for the  announcement in  the local paper that is included at no charge, etc.

It is important to note to prospective wedding couples that the Carolina Wedding Shows can be over whelming with many choices of vendors including photographers and with limited time to discuss in detail the important aspects of the services provided but the shows do  give you a good start of knowing what is available in the local market.

The value of the bridal portrait with a 16×24 enlargement to Erin and her family – Priceless.

Erin, Bridesmaids and the Big Bad Wolf…..

Ron Day


Today March 31, 2011 is the last day to book the Carolina Wedding Show Specials!

Castle McCulloch Wedding Session

I had a photo session with Rachel and Michael at Castle McCulloch  that included many great images ending up with fun images like this one with their Mickie  and Minnie hats

Fun Wedding Photos

Rachael and Michael

Sailor Bride

We liked the Sailor Bride image so much it has been added to our contact page at for Greensboro Wedding Photographers.

This is what is occurring in the background.

Castle McCulloch Wedding Photography

Jamestown Wedding Photography

All of us had a lot of fun as well as getting great images.

Ron Day