Wedding Photography

Men and Matrimony

We would like to take a moment to photographically feature the men and their roles of our early September weddings – ring bearer, fathers, sons, grandsons, grandfathers, uncles, nephews, groomsmen, brothers, friends and of course the groom.    This posting session is by any means inclusive but shows that men love and appreciate the sanctity of marriage as much as the beautiful brides of our lives.  Enjoy….

Men are fierce defenders of love ones…..

Defenders of love ones

…… to tender kissers of the little ones ..

Kisses for my niece

…sons like to scare their mothers….

sons like to frighten their mothers

…to loving, holding and caring for their mothers all their lives….

Men will walk that last mile with you …….

men will walk that last mile with you

….they will salute and celebrate your wedding before the ceremony..

…men will love and protect you forever…

A big John is  there to drive you safely to your destination…….

Big John to drive you safely to your destination...

Anthony is the reason for me being a wedding photographer today …  it all started as justification to purchase a Nikon camera to take good  baby pictures of him … and now he is capturing the essence with great wedding photos.

Anthony Day of

Enjoy our September images of men and matrimony – Men and Matrimony


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