Wedding Photography

Easter 2008

The weather in Southern Virginia was almost as cold in Easter 2008 as last year. The wind was gusting to about 30 mph with a beautiful sky.

We try to capture the essence of a wedding which I think the first image shows clearly as the groom is recalling the wedding service with his beautiful bride as they are walking to a location outside of Hotel Roanoke to take wedding photos.

The Essence by

As you see the wind was quite brisk by the brides hair.

Wind in the bride's hair

Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photography

In this brief 15 minute session just before the reception over 200 images of the couple were taken concluding with a warm up by the fire.

Hotel Roanoke

The couple is now in Japan and can select the images to be printed in the comfort of their home with our proprietary online selection software. As a long time wedding photographer…… how cool. Technology we could only dream about just 10 years ago.

Oh yes……  not bad for a camera phone and a heavily cropped Nikon D300 image file?

Wedding Image by a camera phone


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