Wedding Photography

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the photography blog.

Our plan is to share with you our thoughts, observations and opinions on photography focusing primarily on wedding photography. We will also be interested in your opinions as well.

My name is Ron Day and I have photographed weddings for over 30 years and have seen many changes in both the technical and social aspects of wedding photography.

My first weddings were captured by manual metered and manual focused cameras and if a wedding including the reception lasted over 3 hours it was considered a long wedding.

It would also be unthinkable to expose more than 72 exposures of film thirty years ago. Today it is equally unthinkable to expose less than 72 images per hour.

Photography today has actually become more complex in the work flow than the film days but we like the changes and the ability to output images we could not render just a few years ago.

Please visit us often as we attempt to discuss new ideas, issues, etc as they relate to photography and as noted above we would appreciate your thoughts and comments as well.

Ron Day


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